Signature Woods is all about making a statement and telling a story.   In fact, by definition, the word “Signature” means “something that serves to set apart or identify.”  The products offered by Signature Woods are often showcased in well-trafficked gathering spaces, making them a talking piece for all to appreciate and enjoy.  And, since the materials used to make the products have already lived a life of their own, the finished products come pre-embedded with history and character.  

After years of refining, Signature Woods is proud to be the first company globally to offer a 100% authentic, reclaimed door line that can be customized to fit any design style.  As reclaimed material varies from building to building and piece to piece, it has taken many years of refining to develop a consistent, reliable product using naturally inconsistent material. 

Signature Woods is constantly developing new products and innovative solutions to continue making statements in your space for years to come.


The Signature Woods team is driven by a deep desire to make an impact in the world by serving people with excellence through their business and profits.

Reclaimed Lumber Old Barn


The owners and founders of Signature Woods, Brad and Lauren Cornell met the first week of college through a swing dancing club.  Feeling unfulfilled in his major and wanting some material for personal projects, Brad endeavored to take down a local barn with a buddy of his on the weekends and in between classes.  With far too much material on his hands for his own use, Brad sold the remainder of his inventory and decided it was worth taking another one apart.  One barn led to another and soon Lauren was on the rooftops alongside Brad with a crowbar in hand, salvaging barns one piece at a time. 

After graduation, Brad and Lauren married and made Signature Woods their full time job.  With Brad’s business acumen and Lauren’s keen eye for design and style they have grown Signature Woods into a nationwide products brand know for quality and service.



We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our lumber products are constructed using 100% Authentic Reclaimed lumber materials.  Our dedicated dismantling teams deconstruct a wide array of buildings including barns, granaries, carriage houses, corn cribs, and snow fences.  Almost all of our materials are over 100 years old, weathered and tested by time.


When most people look at a finished Signature Woods product they often don’t think about the hundreds of steps each board has gone through to get there.  Each board after being removed from the building it belongs to is carefully inspected, sorted, de-nailed, trimmed, brushed, re-sawn, planed…shall we go on?  Though this process is very expensive and time consuming we count the sustainability impact and beauty to be worth it.


Now that the material has been fully processed, it is finally ready to be crafted into you statement piece.  Our talented craftsmen follow a very strict procedure of crafting that ensures every door, mantel, or batch of paneling that leaves our facility measures up to our industry leading quality standards.


We believe that sustainability is our responsibility in our ever industrializing world.  With more trees being cut down now than ever before, we have decided to go against the norm and use a higher quality, more unique, sustainable material that will serve the world for another hundred years.