Helping our customers create warm and inviting environments is our passion.

That holds as true today as it did at our founding more than a decade ago – from sales to service, and craftsman to owner, we all know that each product that leaves our facility is becoming a part of our customer’s home or business. Ultimately, becoming a part of their story – and we are proud and humbled to play even a small role in that.

As the first company globally to offer 100% authentic, reclaimed doors that are custom built to fit any design style, we are also proud to be a part of the sustainability story. Whether for an interior designer or architect, or a happy homeowner, we are delighted to bring the past into a new life for our customers to enjoy.

We look forward to continue to innovate and develop new products that will bridge the past with the present and into the future to be a part of your stories for years to come.


The Signature Woods team is driven by the desire to help our customers create warm and inviting environments through products and services centered around sustainable solutions.




We are proud to use only 100% authentic reclaimed woods by “harvesting” our raw materials from deconstructed barns, granaries, carriage houses, corn cribs, and snow fences. As most of the materials are more than 100 years old, each piece has already stood the test of time.


To adhere to our high-quality build standards, our craftspeople carefully select the best reclaimed materials. After meticulous inspection, all of the raw materials are sorted, de-nailed, cleaned, planed, and processed for inclusion in our sustainable doors, wall panels, and mantels.


After the materials have been fully processed, it is ready to be crafted into your statement piece. Our talented craftspeople follow strict guidelines to ensure every door, mantel, or batch of paneling that leaves our facility measures up to our industry leading quality standards.


We believe that sustainability is our responsibility in our ever-industrializing world. By choosing to use only high-quality, unique, and sustainable materials in our products, we help our customers lessen their footprint today and for years to come.