(Kid-Friendly) Fall DIY Garland Ideas for your Mantel

Garland to a mantel is like the sprinkles on a cupcake

Necessary? No. But that little extra ‘something’ that gives your room the oooh and ahhh factor?  One hundred times yes.  And what’s even better than some inexpensive DIY fall garland ideas?  Inexpensive fall garland ideas that encourage spending time as a family outside and creating memories together (You can thank me now).  And just in case you needed just one more reason to love these ideas- you can leave them up for all of fall and (some) into winter! 


We LOVE this look of a feather garland because it adds an element of texture and cozyness to your mantel, almost like nature’s upholstry.

KID FRIENDLY: Make it a fun event with your kids to see if you can collect any feathers in a nearby park to use, and add on to it over the years.

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Orange is one of the iconic fall colors, but besides pumpkins, how can we get more of this cheery color into our homes?  Look no further than your local grocery store…

KID FRIENDLY: Let your kiddos pick out a few extra oranges of their choice next time you’re at the store.  If they are old enough, they can even thread the oranges once they’re dry!

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Acorns add that simple touch of fall without being overly dramatic.  They can be layered in multiple strands of other acorn garland or mixed in with some greens.

KID FRIENDLY: Go acorn hunting with your kiddos.  Have mom or dad drill the holes and if the kids are old enough, they can thread them with a blunt needle!

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If you’re tight on a budget, grab an old book or newspaper and some leaves from your driveway and call it a day! Decorating with nature is a great way to embrace the changing of seasons.

KID FRIENDLY: Instead of cutting leaf shapes out of newspaper, have your kids trace their hands and cut them out, layering them on the leaves.

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The only think cuter than mini-pumpkins is mini-pumpkins that wont die, rot, or smell come thanksgiving!  Make this option more neutral by using cream or varied earth-tone yarn colors of various thicknesses.

KID FRIENDLY: Depending on their age and skill level, either use their hand to wrap the yarn around, or use your hand to wrap the yarn and have them practice their knot-tying skills!

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Let’s face it, gold will never go out of style.  These gold-leafed pine cones, though minimalistic, will add a touch of the outside in your inside.

KID FRIENDLY: Collect pinecones outside as a family.  Have your kids save their favorite ones for the garland!

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And that’s a wrap!  Let us know if you tried any of these ideas, with or without kids, and how it turned out!  Leave your comments below.