Transform Your Space One Accent Wall at a Time!

Transform Your Space One Accent Wall at a Time!

There’s no shame in admitting that a certain room or area of your home is looking a bit drab. Or maybe when you walk into your office you realize just don’t get that feeling that you want your clients and customers to have; welcoming, comfortable, and a sense of awe.

“But, doing an entire remodel is just not feasible right now!” you might be thinking.

Don’t worry. One of the easiest and most effective ways to transform any room is by incorporating a reclaimed wood accent wall. You can incorporate an accent wall into the decor and color scheme that you already have established without taking on a daunting redesign project.

A well-done accent wall can create dimension and a focal point to any room giving it a fresh look with minimal effort and planning!

Where Should I Put My Accent Wall?

To start off, you should really choose where you are going to create your accent wall. During this selection process, you want to consider where you want to draw attention to in a particular room or space.

Are you trying to make something the focal point? Do you want to make a smaller space feel bigger and more expansive?

Take a look at a few ideas of where to place your accent wall for residential and commercial spaces.

Residential Spaces:

  • The wall that the head of your bed touches is a great way to make your sleeping space the focal point. (That’s what the bedroom is all about, right?!) You can even use an accent wall in place of a headboard if you wish.  This customer used Signature Woods Smoke Gray wood wall paneling to create a beautiful feature for their daughters room.

  • Do you have an awkward and unused corner space in your home? Revitalize it by making it an accent wall. Check out what the Taylor Residence did with Signature Wood’s Artisan Paneling to make an unused corner near their staircase into a beautiful office area!
  • Draw more attention to your beautiful fireplace by incorporating an accent wall behind it. This will create a purposeful focal point in your living area and will welcome your family or guests.

Photo by Signature Woods

Commercial Spaces:

  • When clients and customers enter your place of business you want them to feel welcome, comfortable, and to understand what your business is all about. That is a lot to accomplish, but a tasteful accent wall can add much to your entryway, lobby, or reception are of your offices. Three Deep Marketing took this to heart and the results or their reception area are astounding!
  • Elevate the style and decor of you C-Suite offices with a bold accent wall. We know that those forever-beige corporate walls do not inspire creativity and innovation. Adding a pop of color, especially in a windowless office, can inspire motivation.
  • Ensure your clients and customers remember your business and brand by incorporating an accent wall behind your company’s sign, name, or logo. We know that branding is about your client’s experience and perception. An accent wall can help your business achieve this. Mainstream Boutique is accomplishing this with their small, but effective accent wall with Signature Wood’s *insert the paneling type they used – I couldn’t see from the S.W. website on this project.

Accent Wall Material Types

There is no one “right” way to do an accent wall. You’ll have to ask yourself what type of feel and ambience you want to create in the area that your accent wall will take the stage.

Let’s take a look at a few different types of materials that can make your accent wall come alive and revitalize any area of your home or office!


If you conjured up images cringe-worthy 70’s style wallpaper borders, we get it. We’ve all been scarred by wallpaper at some point. However, creating an accent wall with a tasteful wallpaper geometric pattern, floral design, or even a mural of a landscape can create a wow-factor in any room.

  • Bold Paint Colors: This far-and-away the simplest way to create an effective accent wall. Be sure when choosing your color “pop” that it still goes well with your existing color scheme or design. Also, choosing a wall that connects will two other walls on either side will give you the desired contrast in your chosen room.

Reclaimed Wood Paneling:

Using reclaimed barnwood paneling for your accent wall can create a truly unique look in your home or business office. This type of material will give your space a rustic yet refined look and horizontal paneling can create a spacious feel to a smaller room. Similar to choosing the right paint color, choosing the right stain for your reclaimed wood is important so that it fits with your existing color scheme.

What Type of Reclaimed Wood Paneling Should I Choose For My Accent Wall?

When selecting any material for your accent wall you want to consider what outcome you are striving for. We know that certain wallpapers are too loud, certain paint colors can be jarring, certain reclaimed wood paneling can unintentionally darken a room making it feel smaller.

So you’ve decided to go with reclaimed wood paneling as your accent wall material! Good choice. But that’s not the last decision you will need to make before this project is complete.

We’re going to break down the types of reclaimed wood paneling into two categories: Bold and Subtle, so that you can make the best creative design decision for your space.

Bold Reclaimed Wood Paneling:

  • Charcoal Wood Wall Paneling is certainly a bold choice. This darker style paneling will bring a richness and depth to your room, but be careful that it doesn’t darken it too much. Selecting a room that has ample natural light can help prevent this.
  • The Artisan Wood Wall Paneling will achieve that visual “pop” making your selected space stand apart. This unique paneling can also fit in well with a neutral color scheme. Talk about an easy interior design upgrade!
  • Choosing a gray or white Herringbone Wood Paneling will make your accent wall stand out among the rest. Keep in mind that this pattern can quickly create a “busy” feeling or can overstimulate your visual senses. Take a look at how the Johnson Residence incorporated this paneling pattern into their bedroom!

Subtle Reclaimed Wood Paneling:

  • Our Wide Plank Bleached Paneling is the perfect choice for those of you that just aren’t risk-takers when it comes to bold color choices. This style of reclaimed wood paneling will keep your space light and airy, but artistically displays a neutral color.
  • Add character and history to your space of choice with our Palomino Wood Wall Paneling while still maintaining subtly. This style boasts a neutral color, but every piece of reclaimed wood is unique in-and-of-itself.
  • “But, I want a little bit of both!” you say. Our 3-Dimensional Wood Wall Paneling is just right for you. Pairing a soft neutral wood stain with the 3D paneling design creates a soft wow-factor without distracting too much.

Photo by Signature Woods

Now, you have a solid foundation of where to start your journey to transform any space of yours with an accent wall. If you’re hesitant, start small with choosing an accentuating paint color. If you’re ready to take bold action, go for a wallpaper or reclaimed wood paneling look and revel in the spatial transformation!