7 Ways To Elevate Your Barn Door Decor

It’s no secret – we love our sliding barn doors crafted from reclaimed wood just as they are. They elevate your design, provide functionality in challenging small spaces, and can even provide you with an accent feature in any room.

However, we know that you never settle in your design endeavors and neither will we! We want to show you seven fun and functional ways to elevate your barn door decor.


Time to get interactive with your barn door! Incorporating a chalkboard into the design of your sliding barn door can create a functional and interactive piece of decor in your home.

Turn your pantry door into a living grocery list or a weekly meal planning station. You can also foster creativity with a chalkboard barn door in your children’s room or a crafting and play room.


Perhaps you feel that an all wood barn door is a bit heavy for the room you would like to install it into. Lighten up the feel of your barn door design by incorporating a mirror into it!

A mirror embedded into the inward-facing side of your bedroom or bathroom barn door could serve you as you get ready for your day and check your look! Mirrors can also serve as a way to create more space in an otherwise smaller room.


Perhaps you want your barn door to stand out from the rest of them and serve as focal point accent piece in your living area. Choosing a dark finish on your reclaimed barnwood can certainly achieve a subtle accent in an otherwise light and airy room.
For those a bit more adventurous in their design tastes, Signature Wood’s artisan style barn door is art in and of itself and would elevate any room in your home.


Need a quiet office space for work or study, but don’t want to feel closed off from the rest of the family at home? A windowed barn door can achieve that open and light feel while still creating a quiet environment.


Small touches can make a significant difference in overall feel of your sliding barn door. Adding a wreath for each season is a simple way to elevate to look of your door and the room that it serves.

Adorning your door with a simple sign that captures a favorite quote or a theme represented in your home can add a personal touch to your barn door decor.


dark Sliding Barn Doors

We know that not all homes can accommodate the space required for a sliding barn door to function properly. But that doesn’t mean you should be left out of all the fun! We know you’re dying to get your hands on some reclaimed wood to bring some character to your interior design.
Create a custom barn door that is half the normal height and uses a swinging door hinge instead. This will allow it to serve as a baby gate or a stylish way to wrangle your furry loved ones.


Personalize your barn door with a unique handle or knob. A glass knob can provide a soft touch of antique decorating. This small touch can set your barn door apart from all the rest.
Want a more industrial look? Check out these hand-forged iron door handles made on U.S soil!


There are many other ways to elevate your barn door decor, but these simple yet elegant design tips should give you a starting point. Customizing your sliding barn door in a way that suits your needs both in design and functionality will make it truly unique to your home.

Send us a quick comment and tell us how you’ve elevated your sliding barn door decor!