You Want This Mantel? Think Again.

Reclaimed Barn Beam Mantel

We’ve Gotten so many questions about this mantel specifically

So we decided it was time to give you the low-down behind why- though you may want this EXACT look- you may need to think again. This mantel, like many of our mantels, are one-of-a-kind in more ways than one, and if you get your heart set on this piece- well- you may have to go knocking on this client’s door because its the only one we’ve ever seen like this.

reclaimed gray wood mantel


These chiseled notches are the defining element to hand-hewn beams.  Cut by hand, trees were squared into beams using a broad axe known as an adze.  Because of the labor required to hewn beams, sawmills were invented to alleviate this process.  However, because all beams are cut with mills nowadays, finding old hand-hewn beams is a bit of a rarity!

reclaimed gray wood mantel


Many people are trying to accomplish this look with finishes and stains, but another reason this mantel is so rare is that it’s color is authentic & untouched. The only time material greys naturally is when it is exposed to the elements (hence why you see a lot of grey siding), and because big timbers like this are typically interior beams, they generally stay their original brown color.  Just another reason why this beam is one-of-a-kind.

reclaimed gray wood mantel


As mentioned previously, hand-hewn beams were cut with an axe, leaving the size and shape of the finished beam up to the discretion and skill of the laborer. While most hand-hewn beams are inconsitent in shape, this beam is uniquely symmetrical through and through.

Not to crush your hopes and dreams of replicating this mantel in your home, but to find an authentic, historic beam that represents all of the above characteristics is almost unheard of.  In the reclaimed world, you have to take each piece as it comes, with the notion that you may not get everything you want.  You may love the shape but not a specific character mark.  You may love the character but not the color. The list goes on and on.  You just have to weigh what is most important to you and adjust expectations accordingly.  The great part about all of this is that there are so many awesomely unique mantels to choose from, and we hope we can be the one’s to find you your perfect match!

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