DIY Farmhouse Table!

reclaimed farm table
Farmhouse tables have taken dining rooms by storm
There is something earthy, organic, and livable about gathering and sharing a meal around a an authentic reclaimed table.  Family Handman and Signature Woods joined forces to show you step-by-step how you can build your very own reclaimed farmhouse table.

STEP 1: Study Your Design

Start with the Big Picture

  • Do you assemble the top first and then bottom? Bottom and then top? Top with skirting and then legs?

Check your Toolbox

  • Do you have all the necessary tools needed for the project -and- do you know how to operate them safely?  If you have an old power tool sitting in your garage but it’s been awhile since you used it, jump on youtube and type in your tool’s make and model to find quick refreshers!

Double Check Size

  • Will this fit in your space comfortably WITH your chairs? Will the height of your table accommodate the height of your chairs?
see instructions for this table

STEP 2- Buy Supplies


  • Check your own inventory of ‘nuts and bolts’ to see what you have on hand and get the remainder from your local hardware store.


  • If you don’t have some of the more expensive tooling, try seeing if you have a friend, family member, or neighbor that would be willing to lend you their workshop for an afternoon.


  • Find a reclaimed lumber supplier near you who can provide you quality, cleaned, de-nailed material.  Check for low moisture content so the material will not warp on you after it’s assembled.
Reclaimed Wood Lumber
Reclaimed Wood Lumber
Reclaimed Oak Lumber
reclaimed farm table
reclaimed farm table

STEP 3: Build!

Have your Gameplan in Mind

  • What is the order of assembly?

Be Detail-Oriented

  • It’s easier to take things a little slower than to try to undo a mistake.  Like they always say- measure twice, cut once… not the other way around.

Think Finishing

  • Are you going to finish the table?  If so, should you finish pieces of it independently before its assembled? What finish will best suit your needs?
We hope this helped you get a head-start on the farmhouse table of your dreams! And a shout-out to the Family Handyman for partnering with us and providing the table design.  Have a tip that we should share?  Leave your comments below.