Interior Design Trends of 2019: What You Should Know

January has come and gone and it’s about that time where the hustle and bustle of the holiday season settles down and normalcy resumes. Unless you’re one of those people that leaves their holiday decor up until March (no judgement) you may be wanting an interior design face lift for your home right about now.

As you consider ways to improve or freshen the look and feel of your home, we have some 2019 interior design trends you should definitely know.

Simplicity is In and Clutter is Out

As we shed the tendencies of the last year you should consider losing the clutter in your decor as well. Having a clean and uncluttered living space can help foster creativity and a peaceful environment within the home. Here are some ways to eliminate the collected clutter from the last few years.

  • Cookie-Cutter Farmhouse is Out: As the farmhouse design craze grew, we admit it went a little overboard and became heavy-handed. Not every accent item that you use needs to be within the traditional farmhouse theme in order to achieve the look and feel you desire.

The farmhouse style is certainly still in, but subtle and simple is the way to go. We suggest a little less (or no) chicken wire, and perhaps incorporate a bit of authentic reclaimed wood into your design scheme.

  • Word Art is Out: In an attempt to declutter and simplify your interior design the word art has got to go. Don’t fret, not all of it must go, but do you truly need the letter “S” on a wooden plaque featured on every wall just to represent the “Smith” name? Less is more.

Perhaps consider word art that represents much greater personal significance such as wedding vows featured in the bedroom, or a quote from your favorite author hung in your study.

  • Eclectic Gallery Walls are Out: Gallery walls that use mismatched frames and are lacking any sort of continuity give a disorganized and distracting feel to any room.

Consider condensing the gallery wall into about five to ten frames with no more than 3 different sizes of frames. Keeping the style of frame consistent will prevent the cluttered and chaotic look from seeping into the room’s atmosphere.

Biophilia is In and Commercialization is Out

For the coming year, there is greater desire for biophilia – emphasis on the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. The over-commercialized style only furthers the disconnect from natural elements of the earth we already feel in our day-to-day lives.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings nature into our daily experience. We are a machine and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about past processes and handiwork. Here are some simple ways to incorporate a little Mother Nature into your design. 

  • Going Green: Bring a little nature to your home by incorporating some plant life into your design. It doesn’t need to be a large plant by any means. Adding small, manageable plants like succulents or bonsai can truly bring that connection to nature in any room.
  • Sustainable Handmade Pieces are In: Buyer awareness about where their goods are sourced from will influence purchasing in the coming years. Sustainability and environmental impact are important things that many consumers are considering before purchase.

At Signature Woods, sustainability is at the focal point of our service in harvesting reclaimed wood and refurbishing it into custom-made design pieces for your home or business.

  • Natural Wood Elements: Incorporating natural wood into your design is another creative way to connect to nature on a regular basis.

Paneling for an accent wall or a custom furniture piece would be an excellent way to achieve a more biophilic design. Staying with neutral tones such as Signature Wood’s Palomino Wood Wall Paneling or their Naturalistic Wood Wall Paneling will add warmth to your design without getting too flashy.

Another simple way to incorporate natural wood is a sliding barn door. The Youngblom Residence had Signature Woods build them a Bramwell Sliding Barn Door featuring a sanded texture and natural clear finish to cover their bathroom entry. Not only does the functionality of a sliding door in a bathroom achieve a space-saving design, but it also leads the eye to their additional warm design elements such as the lighting, vanity, and woven baskets.

Trend Continuation: Hygge is Still In

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

2019 is not all about black and white; in or out. Some design trends are still, well, trending! One of those continuations into the new year is the hygge style which was on the rise during 2017 design trends.

While hygge—which is used as both a noun and adjective in Denmark—is more of a way of life for Danes, there are small ways you can emulate the lifestyle in your home:

  • Warm and Inviting: Think fireplaces, mugs of coffee or cocoa, cozy throw blankets, and soft mood lighting.
  • Wellness: There is a celebration of self-care that comes with hygge such as reading a novel in a hot bath by candlelight.
  • Comfort: Thick, soft blankets and plush furniture will give any room a sense of comfort. Taking this a step further you could create a special place that you use just for relaxation such as a reading nook.
  • Texture and Simplicity: The contrast between a reclaimed barnwood and a soft blanket brings a balance of texture into the room. Do not forget that simplicity is key to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Personal Nostalgia Pieces: Incorporating pieces into your overall design that hold personal value truly ties into the Danish hygge way of life. Use the new season to do away with the purposeless clutter and incorporate items that hold more meaning and remind you of what truly matters in life.

As you spruce up your decor and aesthetics in 2019, remember to keep it simple, incorporate natural elements such as plants or reclaimed barnwood, and to live like the Danish! Just kidding on the last one unless that floats your boat, of course.

Even if you don’t claim to live like the Danes, everyone can benefit from making their home a little cozier, more welcoming, and grounded in the things that matter most.

Comment below and tell us how you are redesigning your 2019!